Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Teaching Staff


Masaharu Yamamoto / Professor / M. D., M. P. H., Ph. D.
Preventive medicine and public health


Mineo Oyama / Professor / Ph. D.
Biomechanical study in neuromuscular function of the upper extremity, Brain research using somatosensory evoked magnetic fields

Master's Course

Common subjects

Yoshihiro Watanabe / Associate Professor / M. D.
Clinical psychiatry, Psychosomatic medicine, Psycho-oncology and palliative medicine, Psychopathology of expression, Suicide research in legal medicine

Major in Rehabilitation Sciences


Ryosaku Kobayashi / Professor / Ph. D.
Fall prevention in the elderly at home, Cohort study of physical functions in community-dwelling elderly, Management of neuromuscular disorders in physical therapy

Major in Health Sciences


Kazumi Nakayama / Professor / Ph. D.
Maternity nursing, Midwifery

Major in Social Welfare


Toyoharu Yokoyama / Professor / Ph. D.
Social Work, Study of social work education, Study of the lifelong training of social workers, Study of the formative processes of social workers, Study of the clarification of the social worker image

Major in Health Informatics and Business Administration


Toru Takiguchi / Professor / Ph. D.
Epidemiology, Social research method & Health statistics, medical management, medical jurisprudence, Regional clustering analyses among prefecture in Japan using Moran’s I and LISA of medical and dental professionals such as doctor, dentist, nurse, etc., Hybrid type of analyses of questionnaire of freedom described using both qualitative analyses method such as KH Coder and quantitative analyses such as Cochran-Armitage trend analyses or multiple logistic regression analyses, Long-term cohort analyses comparing of lifespan between high-tooth-loss group and low-tooth-loss group in Miyakojima Islands belonging to Okinawa Prefecture, Before and after epidemiological study on causes of deficiencies of sense of taste of Sri Lankan elderly staying at nursing home for the aged, Needs and demand of dental treatments of residents evacuated from the Great Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami disaster in March, 2011