Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Teaching Staff

Major in Medical and Rehabilitation Sciences


Masayoshi Kubo / Professor / Sc. D.
Motor learning, Kinesiology, Research methods, Understanding of human movement control / learning using biomechanical methods, Time series analysis of standing balance, Kinematic analysis of knee in motion using the point cluster method

Major in Health Sciences


Daisuke Sato / Professor / Ph. D.
The plasticity induction and motor learning, Sensorimotor integration in human brain during water immersion, The effects of exercise on physical and cognitive function

Major in Social Welfare


Kimiyo Terada / Professor / Ph. D.
International social work, Welfare sociology, Child welfare and family services

Major in Health Informatics and Business Administration


Naohiko Kinoshita / Professor / Ph. D.
Medical informatics , Bioinformatics , Computer science , Educational technology for data science、Social research method & health statistics

Major in Health and Welfare


Naoki Kodama / Professor / Ph. D.
Brain Function Measurement, Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Dementia