Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Admission Guide - Graduate School

Minimum Requirements for International Applicants

Master's Course

Doctoral Course


  1. Entry Semester: Spring (April)
  2. Application schedule
    See Japan Study Support website
  3. Application Fee: 30,000 yen
  4. Application documents
    ・Application Form
    ・Official Transcript of Records (in English)
    ・Certificate of (Expected) Graduation (if any)
    ・A copy of diploma(future graduates need to present after their enrollment)
    ・A copy of the“Japanese-Language Proficiency Test Certificate with Results and Scores: N2 Level” or a Score Report of the “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students
    *The date of examination must not be more than two years before the date of application.
    ・Documentation proving your nationality (a passport or certificate of nationality issued by official body)
    Doctoral Course: in addition the following documents must be submitted:
    ・Research Proposal (in English or Japanese)
    ・Academic achievement form
  5. Methods of Assessment:
    <Master's Course>
    Document screening followed by English test and an interview in Japanese or English (online exam only)
    <Doctoral Course>
    Document screening followed by essay-writing in Japanese and an interview in Japanese or English (online exam only)
    ※Essay on the motivation and aspirations for graduate studies


Course Admission Fee Annual Tuition Fee and facility charge First year Total
Master PT, OT, ST, AT, CT, CO, HN, NR, EM, RT ¥200,000 ¥1,000,000 ¥1,200,000
HS ¥200,000 ¥900,000 ¥1,100,000
SW, HI ¥200,000 ¥850,000 ¥1,050,000
Doctor ¥200,000 ¥850,000 ¥1,050,000

Examination Fee: ¥30,000
PT/Physical Therapy, OT/Occupational Therapy, ST/Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, AT/Prosthetics& Orthotics and Assistive Technology, CT/ Safety and Risk Management for Medical Technology, CO/ Orthoptics and Visual Sciences, RT/Radiological Technology, EM/ Emergency Medical Sciences, HN/Health and Nutrition, HS/Health and Sports, NR/Nursing, SW/Social Welfare, HI/Health Informatics and Business Administration

Tuition exemption for self-supporting (privately financed) international students

Self-supporting (privately financed) international students can be exempted from tuition fees (and it is not including the facility charge), other than mentioned below;

Admissions-related inquiries

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