Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Major in Health Sciences
Field of Health and Nutrition


The Field of Health and Nutrition comprises the “Education Research Course” and “Clinical Nutrition Specialist Course.” The former offers programs for advanced study in health sciences preparing graduates for teaching, research, administrative, and leadership positions at academic, medical, public health, and other institutions. The latter provides professionally trained registered dieticians with comprehensive knowledge regarding clinical nutrition and advanced nutritional treatment skills. This course prepares graduates to be successful in the nutrition support team (NST) at medical institutes. Each faculty member is an experienced professional in this field who is involved in the research of food and cookery sciences, clinical nutrition, nutritional education, nutrition, gustatory, and exercise physiology, motor control, perception, social facilitation, pattern of eating, and other nutrition-related areas.


Fostering highly trained educators and researchers
The “Education Research Course” fosters highly trained educators and researchers in health sciences related to diet, nutrition, and exercise. In particular, career alternatives at various universities and vocational schools are conceivable. These professionals must search for their research theme, conduct research, organize the results into a research paper, and publish them. The “Education Research Course” offers programs for developing basic skills involved in research.
Fostering professionally trained registered dietitians
Recently, the importance of NST has been emphasized for better nutritional care and management of patients. Therefore, there is an enhanced demand for highly trained registered dieticians in medical institutions. Comprehensive clinical nutrition knowledge and advanced nutritional treatment skills are required for dieticians in NST. The “Clinical Nutrition Specialist Course” aims to provide knowledge and skills to professionally trained registered dieticians necessary for employment by hospitals or nursing care facilities.

Master’s Degree

Master of Health Science (M.H.Sc.) in Nutrition

Examples of Research Topics

  1. Perspectives on the safety and nutritional potency of genetically modified foods, and development of food products in the immediate future
  2. Cooking techniques and the resulting qualitative and quantitative alterations in functional substances
  3. Research on the development and assessment of community health and nutrition policy programs
  4. Research on the food environments (particularly food systems and cycles) and health of residents
  5. Research on socioeconomic disparities and health/nutritional status
  6. Research on nutrition and food assessment
  7. The effects of exercise and nutrition on glucose metabolism in the brain

Teaching Staff

Hiromi Inaba / Professor / Ph. D., RD (Chair)
Nutritional education for athletes, Study on the excessive desire for leanness

Toru Nagai / Professor / Ph. D.
Nutritional management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Therapeutic effect of nutrition support teams (NST) for patients with malnutrition

Kazuo Endoh / Professor / Doctor of Medical Sciences
Epidemiology of cancer particularly on the biliary tract, Application of statistical methods in the medical field, Evaluation of the effectiveness of health learning

Kenichi Shibuya / Professor / Ph. D.
Exercise physiology, particularly on neural control for movements, Psychophysics concerning human cognition/perception

Kazue Suzuki / Professor / Ph. D.
Public nutrition, Salt reduction activities in the community

Noriko Tamura / Associate Professor / Ph. D.
Study on the mechanism of platelet thrombus formation, Study on the functional food with anti-thrombus

Takako Yamazaki / Associate Professor / Ph. D.
Food science, Tenderizing meat through low-temperature steam cooking, Modifications in food ingredients, and taste after cooking

Hajime Iwamori / Assistant Professor / M. Sc.
Cookery, Food preparation, Experimental cookery, Meal evaluation of the elderly according to digestion capabilities

Shinya Kawakami / Assistant Professor / Ph. D.
Reproductive physiology, Nutritional effect on mammalian oocyte, Maturation mechanism of mammalian oocyte

Fumi Hoshino / Assistant Professor / Ph. D., RD
Sleep and eating habits of athletes
Nutrition and food service management

Mizuki Takeuchi / Assistant Professor / Ph. D., RD
Nutritional management of diabetics and hemodialysis patients, Determination of mineral content in foods