Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Scholarship for International Students

Tuition exemption for self-supporting (privately financed) international students

Self-supporting (privately financed) international students can be exempted from tuition fees (not including the facility charge), other than mentioned below;


Department Amount of exemption (per year)
PT, OT, ST, AT, CT, CO, EM, HN, \500,000
RT, NR \550,000
HS \425,000
SW \415,000
HI \400,000

Graduate School

Course / Field Amount of exemption (per year)
Master PT, OT, ST, AT, CT, CO, HN, NR \400,000
HS \350,000
SW,HI \350,000
Doctor \350,000

External Scholarships (Offered by Private Organizations)