Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Voices of International Students

Tsaifrom Taiwan

Hello! My name is Tsai Yun-chen. I’m from Taiwan. Now I’m in my fourth year of the undergraduate course, majoring in Prosthesis and Orthosis. Before I came here, I was a physical therapist in Taiwan, and I had long been attracted by amazing treatments made possible by prosthesis and orthosis. However, there was little information available of this profession in Taiwan. Then one day, fortunately, a seminar was held by NUHW on prosthesis and orthosis. I participated in it and had a chance to know a professor and a student who had graduated from this university. With the help of these people, I am now here studying prosthesis and orthosis. At first, I was nervous because of the language and cultural differences; however, the people at the university were so kind that I soon got used to everything and could focus on my study. The academic level of the professors is very high, and the devices used here are also quite advanced. I have learned many new things, and I am going to take what I have learned back to Taiwan. I strongly hope that one day Taiwan will be technologically as advanced as Japan.

Zhufrom China

Hello! My name is Zhu Yaofei. I come from Guangdong province of China. Here at NUHW I am enrolled in Master’s course, majoring in Health Science (in the field of Nursing). Since April 2017 I have been doing research about Palliative Care. Before I came to Japan, I had worked as a nurse in a hospital for about 3 years, and that was after graduating from a medical university in my home country. In Japan I want to know more about nursing from a global perspective. What I like about this university is a quiet and harmonious environment because it helps me to concentrate on my studies. In addition to that, when I am in trouble I always get a lot of help from teachers and people around me who are enthusiastic and thoughtful. No doubt living here in Niigata and studying at this university is an interesting experience which I appreciate very much.

Manhfrom Vietnam

Hi, everyone! I am Manh, a lecturer at Hai Duong Medical Technical University in Viet Nam. I have been living and studying in Japan for three and a half years. I started my Master’s course at this university in April 2016. The Department of Physical Therapy which I belong to is equipped with a lot of modern machines and equipment. I consider myself very lucky because I can receive a lot of help from Professor Onishi and other excellent teachers in the department. They are truly great. I have learned a lot of new knowledge, which can be definitely useful in my future career. After I finish Master’s course, I am planning to move on to the doctoral course here at NUHW, which I think will be much more difficult and challenging. However, under the instructions and guidance of Professor Onishi and other teachers, I hope I can finish the course. Then I will go back to Viet Nam, taking with me what I will have learned at NUHW. Then I am going to resume my work as a lecturer. I hope to impart to my students many valuable things I am learning here, such as research methods. Also, I hope to continue to study as hard as I am doing now to keep up with new medical knowledge, which is constantly updated. In the future I sincerely hope to find the way to connect Viet Nam with Japan in the fields of education, health or other similar fields.