Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Major in Health Sciences
Field of Health and Sports


In the Field of Health and Sports, we provide education and research on human science, social science and natural science involved in sports and exercises. We reinforce the scientific base of health and sports through research on methodological problems in sport science, and at the same time, we train highly skilled professionals who will coordinate sports and exercises in a multidisciplinary manner. In addition, we conduct research on kinematics in physical training, health education, and coach training.


Acquisition of specialized licenses (health and physical education)
By obtaining a predetermined unit score, people who already have one type of teacher’s license for junior and/or high schools (health and physical education) can be granted specialized licenses (health and physical education). If classified according to academic frameworks, the Field of Health and Sports that responds to a wide range of research needs involved in sports would be multidisciplinary and connected to all fields. In order to answer to various needs of graduate students, we have further divided the field into three areas: the system of sports medical sciences, sports management, and sports pedagogics. Outstanding staff members capable of responding to various tasks are assigned as supervisors.
Plenty of opportunities for employment
Because of its multi-disciplinary nature, our field is related to multifaceted jobs. The graduates are expected to start careers in a wide variety of places such as educational institutions, government offices, companies in general, and many others.

Master’s Degree

Master of Health Science (M.H.Sc.) in Sports

Examples of Research Topics

  1. Modulation of neural plasticity based on metaplasticity priciple
  2. Development of new neuromodulation for motor learning and neural plasticity
  3. Reseach respecting the expertise of physical education teachers
  4. Tacit knowledge and management competence in various profession
  5. Association of mechanical factors with incidence and progression in knee osteoarthritis
  6. Pathomechanics of varus thrust during gait cycle in knee osteoarthritis
  7. Study of gene expression in heart failure induced sarcopenic muscle
  8. Quantification of relationship between health status and physical fitness in middle-aged
  9. High intensity training for competitive swimmers
  10. Controlled frequency breathing during swimming
  11. Spinal alignment in streamlined position of competitive swimmers
  12. Study of gene expression in heart failure induced sarcopenic muscle
  13. Comparative studies in the teacher training corrsponding to the 21st century skills
  14. A systemic innovation in the public education: towards the smooth transition from elementary to junior and senior hish schools
  15. Development of health teaching materials, methods, and evaluation
  16. Sports biomechanics for competitive sports
  17. Study of strength and conditioning
  18. Explosive power training for competitive sports
  19. Plastic changes in athletes' brain
  20. Investigation of neuromodulation methods for higher brain function in athlete brain

Teaching Staff

Daisuke Sato / Professor / Ph. D.(Chair)
The plasticity induction and motor learning, Sensorimotor integration in human brain during water immersion, The effects of exercise on physical and cognitive function

Yasuyuki Nishihara / Professor / Ph. D.
Embodied knowledge, Human resource management, What does “the ability of sport management professionals” mean?, What is the ability of a PE teacher?, What is the ability of an athlete? What abilities should a head coach have?, Cognitive science, Embodied knowledge, Training for Meister

Go Omori / Professor / M. D., Ph. D.
Orthopaedic surgery (knee surgery and sports medicine), Epidemiology and pathogenesis of knee osteoarthritis, Motion and alignment analysis of the knee joint, Pain analysis before and after total knee arthroplasty, Epidemiology and prevention of fracture in childhood

Haruo Hanawa / Professor / M. D., Ph. D.

Toshiro Sato / Professor / Ph. D.
Health science, Quantification of relationships between health status and physical fitness in middle-aged and elderly males and females, Equations to discriminate health status based on results of physical fitness tests

Yoshimitsu Shimoyama / Professor / Ph. D.
Coaching of swimming, Methods of evaluating swimming performance

Fumie Yamazaki / Professor / Ph. D.
Sports psychology, Sports counseling, Mental skill training, Educational counseling, Examining the peculiarities of athletes related to eating disorders and body images

Shigekazu Yoshida / Professor / Education
Comparative and International Education, Educational System and Policy, Teacher Education, Alternative Education

Koshu Sugisaki / Professor / Ph. D.
Health instructions in cooperation with schoolteachers, Development of health teaching materials, methods, and evaluation

Keiichi Koshinaka / Associate Professor / Ph. D.
Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Energy metabolisms in response to exercise & nutrition

Yusuke Ikeda / Associate Professor / Ph. D.
Training science for exercise and sport, Strength and conditioning, Sports biomechanics, Motion analysis of swimming start, Weightlifting and jumping movements

Koya Yamashiro / Associate Professor / Ph. D.
Physiology, Neurophysiology, Exercise physiology, Plastic changes in the athlete’s brain, Change detection systems in human

Akiko Sato / Associate Professor / M.Rehab.Sc.
Sport nutrition, Thiamin metabolism and exercise

Hirofumi Shimojo / Assistant Professor / Ph. D.
Sports biomechanics, Exercise Epidemiology, Flow visualization around swimmer, EMG in underwater, Relationship between body mass index and physical fitness, Kinesthesia during skill enhancement.

Hiroshi Ichikawa / Assistant Professor / M.Health and Sport Sc.
Sports biomechanics, Sports Engineering, Data science for sports, Application of technology to sports training and coaching

Azusa Yoshimatsu / Assistant Professor / M.A. in P.E., M.A. in C.P.
Outdoor Education, Clinical Psychology, Study of nature experience activities for children with special needs

Hiroki Sato / Assistant Professor

Akira Kumazaki / Assistant Professor / Ph. D.