Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Major in Social Welfare
Field of Policies Planning and Administration for Health and Welfare


In the Field of Policies Planning and Administration for Health and Welfare, we conduct interdisciplinary research on the development and implementation of health care and welfare policies at the local and national levels. By providing the students with necessary skills, we educate government administrators with advanced skills as policy-makers, who are competent in project development, its implementation and evaluation. We also train administrators with managerial abilities in charge of the administrative operations of healthcare and welfare institutions.


Diversified teaching staff and multidisciplinary education/research system
In our field, the staff with specialized expertise provides education and works on research integrating theory and practice in various sciences.
Respect for individuality and interactive communication
Classes are given not as a one-sided lecture, but as an opportunity for active discussions and Q & A’s between graduate students and teachers, or among graduate students themselves.
Selection of career options using highly-specialized knowledge
In choosing their careers, many graduate students make use of the knowledge and the research results that obtained in this specialty. As a result, they have a good chance of finding a suitable job.

Master’s Degree

Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

Examples of Research Topics

  1. Validation study of the civilian participation in community-based welfare
  2. Establishment of a public assistance system in Japan
  3. Formation of new communities in the super aging society
  4. Regionalization of health and welfare in group retirement homes for the elderly with dementia
  5. Medical problems for foreign citizens staying illegally in the country, and “advocacy networks”
  6. Discussions on at-home nursing care: A study based on the present conditions of home-help services
  7. For the way of care management to support life in the community
  8. A study on the actual condition of the orphanage
  9. Current situations and problems of municipal community-based welfare plan
  10. Research on regional support in maternal and child living support facility
  11. Current status of teleworking by social workers and possibility of introduction
  12. Possibility of working for students with developmental disabilities -Based on the perspective of training certified care workers-

Teaching Staff

Kimiyo Terada / Professor / Ph. D. (Chair)
International social work, Welfare sociology, Child welfare and family services

Toshifumi Watanabe / Professor / Ph. D.
Social work, Community-based welfare

Hiroshi Sato / Professor / Bachelor of Sociology
Social work with disabled people

Shigeru Aoki / Professor / Master of Social Work
Social work, Community-based welfare, Volunteer learning

Akio Maruta / Professor / Master of Regional Policy
Regional welfare, School social work, Comprehensive community support

Chikafusa Aoyagi / Professor / Bachelor of Economics
Social security policies focusing on pension and nursing care

Yutaka Watanabe / Associate Professor / Master of Social Service Management
Community-based welfare