Niigata University of Health and Welfare

University-designated Sports Clubs

Our university designates nine competitive sport clubs as enhanced support clubs with the aim to foster top athletes and instructors. Taking full advantage of being a comprehensive university specialized in the fields of medicine, welfare, sports, and nutrition, NUHW is well organized to support its athletes by multi-professional specialized staff including sports trainers, rehabilitators, and nutrition counselors.

Swimming Club
The 28th Universiade Gwangju 2015
Men’s 4×100m Freestyle Relay : Silver Medal
Women’s 4×100m Freestyle Relay : Silver Medal
The 13th World Swimming Championships 2016
Men’s 4×50m Freestyle Relay : Silver Medal (new Japanese record)

Men’s Soccer Club
Produced many J league (professional soccer league) players

Women’s Soccer Club
The 22nd to 25th All Japan University Women’s Football Tournaments
Placed in the top eight for four consecutive years

Men’s Basketball Club
The 65th to 67th All Japan University (national intercollegiate) Men’s Basketball Tournaments
Participated for three consecutive years

Women’s Basketball Club
The 58th to 67th All Japan University (national intercollegiate) Women’s Basketball Tournament
Participated for ten consecutive years

Track and Field Club
Nitro Athletics 2017 Melbourne
Mixed 4X100m Relay: Silver Medal (Japan’s National Team)
The 30th to 34th All Japan University Women’s Ekiden (long-distance relay road race)
Participated for five consecutive years

Women’s Volleyball Club
The 47th Hokushinetsu Region University Volleyball Spring Championship 1st Division
Won the championship
The 63rd Imperial Princess Chichibu Cup All Japan University (national Intercollegiate) Women’s Volleyball Championship
Placed in the top 32

Baseball Club
Produced a professional baseball player from the inaugural team
2016 Kanto Koshin-etsu District Baseball League 1st Division Spring League
Won the second place

Dance Club
The 27th and 28th All Japan Dance Festivals Original Dance Competition
Won the Special Award for two consecutive years