Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Major in Social Welfare
Field of Management for Social Welfare


In the Field of Management for Health and Welfare we conduct research on the theory of social work and on practical examples with the main focus on generalist social work practice. In addition, we conduct theoretical and practical research on care management methods and technology in each field of health and welfare. And we educate leaders in lifelong training, such as supervisors, instructors, and care managers in areas related to health and welfare, assistance for the elderly, and support for people with disabilities.


Diversified teaching staff and multidisciplinary education/research system
In our field, the staff with specialized expertise provides education and works on research integrating theory and practice in various sciences.
Respect for individuality and interactive communication
Classes are given not as a one-sided lecture, but as an opportunity for active discussions and Q & A’s between graduate students and teachers, or among graduate students themselves.
Selection of career options using highly-specialized knowledge
In choosing their careers, many graduate students make use of the knowledge and the research results that obtained in this specialty. As a result, they have a good chance of finding a suitable job.

Master’s Degree

Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

Examples of Research Topics

  1. Social work in assisting patients during their discharge from hospitals after inpatient treatment in sickbeds
  2. Support network for people with mental disabilities
  3. Collaboration in the support for a balanced combination of nursing care and work
  4. Research on degrees of satisfaction regarding the use of at-home services: Through the awareness of caregivers confronting elderly people with needs for nursing care at home
  5. Research on patients who need yet refuse welfare services; and approaching their families: Discussions on social and emotional aspects
  6. Research on children living with diseases and the support provided for their families: With a focus on proposals of the barrier-free concept
  7. Current situation and issues of regional migration support of persons with mental disabilities in Niigata prefecture
  8. Impact of teaching experience of practical training on social workers  
  9. One consideration about the training of the certified care workers as practical training instructors
  10. A study on the practical approach in difficult case to support

Teaching Staff

Toyoharu Yokoyama / Professor / Ph. D. (Chair)
Social work, Study of social work education, Study of the lifelong training of social workers, Study of the formative processes of social workers, Study of the clarification of the social worker image

Akira Suzuki / Professor / Ph. D.
Child welfare and family services, Social work with disabled people, Generalist social work practice, Community psychology

Terumi Yoshida / Professor / Ph. D.
Study of the emotional labor,Elder abuse by the case method,Personnel training of the care staff,Personnel training of the foreign skill trainee,Dementia care,Elderly people welfare

Seio Kouno / Associate Professor / M. S. W.
Social Work, Social work practice, Social work relationship, Supervision of social work, Communication skills in social work

Kyosuke Matsumoto / Associate Professor / Ph. D.
Principle of clinical psychology, Clinical psychology

Ayako Haraguchi / Assistant Professor / Master of psychology
Agriculture-welfare collaboration, Employment support for people with disabilities,Clinical psychology