Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Major in Health Sciences
Field of Nursing


We have designed a special course in the Field of Nursing. Specialized courses comprise of cancer nursing, women’s health nursing, child nursing, nursing management, geriatric nursing, mental health nursing and chronic care nursing, and community care. Health problems and life problems have become diversified and complicated, and consequently, the environment surrounding nursing has changed dramatically. In this field, we expect the students to acquire the ability to conduct theoretical research for nursing practices as well as practical capabilities in nursing. We also emphasize the ability to solve problems in terms of the QOL of the people with complex nursing problems at all levels of health, i.e. from the period of disease prevention, recovery, and up to the end stage diseases.


There are eight specialized areas in our field: cancer nursing, women’s health nursing, child nursing, nursing management, geriatric nursing, mental health nursing, chronic care nursing, and community care.

Master’s Degree

Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N)

Examples of Research Topics

  1. Study of health support programs
  2. Study of supporting for developing countries in international nursing
  3. Study of maternity and child nursing
  4. Research on disaster nursing
  5. Research on women's health nursing
  6. Research on community care system
  7. Research on mental health nursing in public health
  8. Research on sociology of health
  9. Research on health behavior
  10. Relationship between the level of depression and life events among men in China
  11. Relationship between postpartum depression and self-efficacy in older women who have given birth
  12. Educational effects of developing teaching materials using a on-demand system
  13. Research on life of the people with mental disabilities in community
  14. Relationship between nurse support and self-care ability of people with diabetes

Teaching Staff

Hiroshi Sugimoto / Professor / Ph. D. (Chair)
Mental Health Nursing in public health, Sociology of Health, Community health, Health education and behavior.

Yuko Uda / Professor / Ph. D.
Community health nursing, Home care nursing, Disaster nursing

Takashi Amagaya / Professor

Hiroko Shimoyama / Professor / Ph. D.
Maternity nursing, Midwifery, Women’s health

Chiharu Watanabe / Professor / M.S.N.
Cancer Nursing, Palliative care, Cancer survivor support

Noriko Yamaguchi / Associate Professor / Ph. D.
Maternity and child nursing, Midwifery, Women’s health nursing, Infertility Fertility nursing

Naoko Wada / Associate Professor / M.S.N.
Occupational Health Nursing, Women's Health Nursing

Kiyoko Nakazawa / Assistant Professor / M.H.S.

Naoki Hokama / Assistant Professor

Reina Izawa / Assistant Professor / M.S.N.
Gerontological Nursing