Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Major in Rehabilitation Sciences
Field of Safety and Risk Management for Medical Technology


This field was established in a master’s course at a graduate school for the first time in Japan. Currently, in the field of medical technology in hospitals in Japan, the concepts of quality control, risk management, safety management and international standardization are being introduced for the improvement of medical safety.
Medical technology safety management is indispensable especially for advanced medical treatment. We will train our students to become professionals with expertise in this field who can offer safe medical treatment to patients. We also believe that our contribution to the international medical community will be further accelerated by incorporating the concept of international standards in our current medical technology.


In order to provide safe team medical treatment to patients, it is necessary for staff members to understand each other’s specialty and cooperate with one other. And the operation of risk management system is essential, too. With this consideration in mind, we engage in constructing a medical safety management system, analyzing factors in medical accidents and incidents, providing guidance on the acquisition of ISO 15189 accreditation, and conducting research on quality control, safety management of medical devices, medical safety, inter-occupational communication, and international standards for medical examinations. In particular, we endeavor to advance our research at a global level, keeping abreast with the domestic and international trends in medical technology and the latest development of international standards.

Master's Degree

Master of Medical Science (M.M.Sc.) in Safety and Risk Management for Medical Technology

Examples of Research Topics

  1. Statistical analysis on an incident accident report of the past for 4 years of a Niigata Cancer Center Hospital division of research
  2. The current state of the effective use and the safety control of the medical instrument by which it was given to a developing country
  3. The effect of excessive blood transmission pressure(flow) on vascular endothelium in the extracorporeal circulation

Teaching Staff

Daisuke Nagahama / Professor / Ph. D. (Chair)
Clinical examination general remarks, Clinical cytology, Safety management of medical technology, Safety management and quality of clinical laboratory, Urinary system diseases and clinical laboratory diagnosis

Katsuo Kubono / Professor / Ph. D.
Clinical Chemistry, Study of lipid metabolism in arteriosclerosis, Research on international standardization of medical examinations, Conformity assessment for medical laboratory

Fujio Nakamura / Professor / M.H.Sc
Study on the safety of blood purification therapy field, Water quality management in the on-line HDF, Safety system of the hemodialysis apparatus

Hiroki Kawamura / Associate Professor / Ph. D.
Infection immunology, Immunologic diagnosis, Analysis of the immune defense mechanism against HTLV-1 infection

Kikuo Ikegami / Assistant Professor / Ph. D.
Pathology, Cytology, Study on the usability of cytology in early detection of cancer